Order Procedures

Please supply us the following information; we will then write up a sales order and fax it to you, showing your artwork on a template of the product, for you to sign off on and fax back.

  • Company Name
  • Correspondence Address
  • Ship To Address and attn to
  • Phone & Fax numbers
  • In Hand Date
  • Item #, description, where you saw it, quantity, type of artwork, and # of colors to apply to product (or attach art).

Attach an email of the art or advise when we should expect to receive the art. We prefer Adobe Illustrator eps for most applications, with the text saved as outline.


For 4 color process printing, we usually work in Photoshop with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution, preferable saved with any of the layers which were used to generate the graphic (not flattened). Images created in Illustrator are also normally ok, with or without placed Photoshop files- it is best to also supply the 300 dpi Photoshop files. Contact us to go over other programs you work in. You probably will need to send us a disk with the artwork (these file sizes are usually too large to email). We will also want a color print which represents the coloration you want to see in the print.

Do you want to receive a preproduction proof?

We require credit information (specifically bank account info) or credit card information to charge to or you may prepay. If we are unable to verify the credit information right away, it will be necessary to use another option if you are unable to wait.

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